These are emulators that are updated several times a day to a couple times a week.
Many of these emulators can be updated to the lastest "nightly builds" from within the emulator itself.
I'm posting the latest versions every Monday or Tuesday for those who may be interested.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator - Citra Nightly-2098

Citra - Windows  Citra - Linux  Citra - Android  Citra (Source) - Linux Build instructions  Citra (Source) - MacOS Build instructions

Multiple System Emulator - FinalBurn Neo Nightly 02-20-24

FinalBurn Neo - Windows (32bit)  FinalBurn Neo - Windows (64bit)  FinalBurn Neo - Linux  FinalBurn Neo - (Source)

PlayStation 2 Emulator - PCSX2 Nightly v1.7.5571

PCSX2 (Nightly) - Windows  PCSX2 (Nightly) - Linux  PCSX2 (Nightly) - Mac  PCSX2 (Nightly) (Source)

PlayStation Emulator - PCSX-Redux Nightly 02-19-24

PCSX-Redux - Windows  PCSX-Redux - Linux  PCSX-Redux - Mac  PCSX-Redux (Source)

Sega DreamCast Emulator - Redream v1.5.0-1103-gcda99f5

Redream - Windows  Redream - Linux  Redream - Mac

Nintendo Switch Emulator - Ryujinx v1.1.1204

Ryujinx - Windows  Ryujinx- Linux  Ryujinx - Mac  Ryujinx (Source)

PlayStation Vita Emulator - Vita3K Nightly 02-18-24

Vita3K - Windows  Vita3K - Ubuntu  Vita3K - Mac  Vita3K (Source)

Xbox 360 Emulator - Xenia (Canary) 02-19-24


Nintendo Switch Emulator - Yuzu v1721

Yuzu - Windows  Yuzu- Linux  Yuzu (Source)