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What's New:

- Orgams ROM pack upgrade to FF240128
- new registers shortcuts in GOTO popup
- new script in video_stream in order to convert k-frames to PNG
- new snapshot watcher option to automatically reload snapshot on modification
- new zig-zag visualisation in Graphics Explorer
- ACE snapshots backups full FDC+Drive configuration
- FDC new breakpoints for GetID and Weak sector data read
- EDSK huge track skips track-header when building MFM flow (Thanks Lone)
- more interactivity with selection in RAM/ROM Explorer with cursor
- can scroll in Graphics Explorer with PageUp/PageDown
- bugfix Emulator background at correct size when popup asking something
- bugfix Emulator background in debug when using zoom x2
- bugfix FDC SenseInterrupt when seek was terminated but ready lost
- bugfix FDC default when using snapshot
- bugfix ROM chunk compression in snapshot