The Emulation Realm is a rather extensive archive of emulators and emulator related software available for most popular operating systems.

This site has been designed to be hassle free with random ads from Google Adsense and no login required (If ads are anoying, simply use an ad blocker).
Downloads are freely available and hosted locally, no file sharing site links here.

What's New:

Most of the upgrade pertains to the backend.
I now have a dedicated server with more ram and a fresh install. All in all the site should theoretically be faster and more stable.

Upgraded CMS (Content Managment System)
The upgrade made some changes to my URL structure which means almost all links have changed.
* I was unable to import over 6,000 "Latest News" articles to the new site.
* The donwnloads section is still intact but each file now has a differrent URL.
New site layout. I tried to keep it simple and aesthetically pleasing.