PCSX-Redux (Source)

PCSX-Redux (Source)
PCSX-Redux (Source)
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05 April 2024
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This is yet another fork of the Playstation Emulator, PCSX. While the work here is very much in progress, the goal is roughly the following:

  • Bring the codebase to more up to date code standards.
  • Get rid of the plugin system and create a single monolithic codebase that handles all aspects of the playstation emulation.
  • Write everything on top of OpenGL3+/ImGui for portability and readability.
  • Improve the debugging experience.
  • Improve the rendering experience.

Please consult the documentation pages for more information.


Run ./dockermake.sh. You need docker for this to work. You will also need a few libraries on your system for this to work. Check the Dockerfile for a list of library packages to install.

GNU/Linux Dependencies

If you're only interested in compiling psx code, you can simply clone the pcsx-redux repo, then install g++-mipsel-linux-gnu cpp-mipsel-linux-gnu binutils-mipsel-linux-gnu then follow the instructions in /pcsx-redux/src/mips/psyq/README.md to convert the PsyQ libraries. You might find them pre-compiled online.

  • Debian derivatives ( for full emulator compilation ):
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential git make pkg-config clang g++ g++-mipsel-linux-gnu cpp-mipsel-linux-gnu binutils-mipsel-linux-gnu libcapstone-dev libfreetype-dev libavcodec-dev libavformat-dev libavutil-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libglfw3-dev libswresample-dev libuv1-dev zlib1g-dev
  • Arch derivatives :

The pcsx-redux-git package can be installed from the AUR using your AUR helper of choice (e.g., paru):

paru -S pcsx-redux-git

Alternatively, the following steps describe how to install dependencies and compile manually:

sudo pacman -S capstone clang git make pkg-config ffmpeg libuv zlib glfw-x11 curl xorg-server-xvfb

The mipsel environment can be installed from AUR : cross-mipsel-linux-gnu-binutils and cross-mipsel-linux-gnu-gcc using your AURhelper of choice:

trizen -S cross-mipsel-linux-gnu-binutils cross-mipsel-linux-gnu-gcc

You can then just enter the 'pcsx-redux' directory and compile without using docker with make.

Building OpenBIOS on Linux can be done with ./dockermake.sh -C src/mips/openbios, or using the g++-mipsel-linux-gnu package with make -C src/mips/openbios. If you have a different mips compiler, you'll need to override some variables, such as PREFIX=mipsel-none-elf FORMAT=elf32-littlemips.

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