Emulator BK-0010-01, BC-0011 and BC-0011M (32bit)  Emulator BK-0010-01, BC-0011 and BC-0011M (64bit)

What's New:

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- Fixing a bug that KUVO found - debug glitches on odd PC.
- Added option to set different kind of screenshot file name format.
- At the request of Gryphona, we extend the option "CPU stop after starting the emulator" to load the state.
- Now, if you enable this option and save the state with it, then it will put the emulator into a debug break when loading, and you will need to start it manually.
- Simulated the behavior of register 177702, now if something is written to it, it disappears until an EMT command or a reboot is performed.
- fiddling with the user interface:
  * Added some icons;
  * Added a button to the toolbar to interrupt on vector 100 or 270;
  * Split too large "Configuration" menu into two: "Configuration" and "Management";
  * In the "About" window, plain text has been replaced with html for beauty.
- Updated MSF documentation to the latest version.