dgVoodoo 2

What's New:

- Fixing D3D8/9 update-texture again (regressive bug) (Ys Seven, Valley Benchmark, ...)
- Support for D3D12 triangle fans if the OS runtime and your driver supports it (Win11)
  * This removes some software overhead in D3D8/9 Draw calls in certain cases
  * There is a new dbg layer message for what D3D12 optional features are available and used
- A bug is fixed in the D3D9 FVF validator (Lord of the Rings - War in the North, missing foliage)
- Fractional viewports instead of shader code for D3D11 FL11.0+ (Test Drive Unlimited 2 through D3D11)
- Refactoring DDI blitting code (optimization, dev-only feature)