MAME Classic

What's New:

Changed : MAME Classic no longer adds the depreciated "<NULL> (not set)" text for entries in the mame.ini without a value.
Changed : MAME Classic will now create the mame.ini file in it's temp folder to avoid possible conflicts with other ini files.
Changed : Software lists will now only display software which is compatible with the selected machine.
Changed : The BIOS Filter now shows the BIOS description and filters more accurately.
Changed : The Exit routine has been cleaned up to prevent the app from crashing on exit under rare conditions.
Changed : The MESS Machine listview can now be sorted.
Changed : The MESS Machine listview would show non-installed machines in black if they didn't need a ROM but still needed a device file. These machines now show in red.
Changed : The Options form is now one scrolling page instead of two pages.
Changed : The Path selections now let you select multiple paths for ROMs and Artwork.
Fixed : Exporting a software list would fail if any filters were applied.
Fixed : A crash caused by output file biosmame.txt growing so large.
Fixed : Software Installed/Non-Installed option buttons could be greyed-out even if a selected machine has software.
Removed : Path selections for Other MAME ROMs, Ini and Comments.