XM6 TypeG

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- Completely redesigned drawing system from DirectX 9 (Direct3D) to DierctX 10.1 (Direct2D)
- Changed the delay time from the start of DMAC to the start of the first DMA transfer from X68030 measured value to X68000ACE measured value
- Added SRAM virus check function at reset and SRAM program area automatic clear function at detection
- Official support for Joyport U-kun . Status display when recognizing and disconnecting
- For the ATARI specification and general-purpose 6-button + START/SELECT joysticks, the assignments of the A and B buttons are swapped.
- Fixed a bug that DOS_SEEK with MODE=2 (move from end of file with negative value) did not work for Windrv drives.
- Default MIDI output delay time changed from 84ms to 28ms
- Status display of main memory size and high memory size after reset
- Fixed a bug that the default size of SCSI hard disk image was not 1000MB
- Fixed a bug that caused a buffer overrun when scrolling upwards in the disassemble window.
- Fixed a bug that caused a buffer overrun in special cases such as settings that mixed horizontal 768 dots and 512 dots.
- Implemented an unpublished specification that causes a configuration error in the combination of unpacked 8-bit port transfer mode and 16-bit transfer size for DMAC.
- Corrected so that execution starts at the same time when the power switch is turned on again after the power switch is turned off.
- Restored the behavior of FM sound source Timer-A/Timer-B to version 2.06 equivalent
- When starting up for the first time, consider the system DPI and start with 1.0x display (DPI=100%), 1.5x display (DPI>100%), or 2.0x display (DPI≧200%).