XM6 TypeG

XM6 TypeG
XM6 TypeG
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23 May 2023
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XM6 TypeG is a X680x0 Emulator based on XM6 by PI.
If I'm reading the translation correctly, XM6 TypeG has additional graphics modes as well as improved sound emulation.


* Full line emulation of X68000, XVI, Compact, X68030, 040turbo, 060turbo
* Exhaustively reproduces the excellent/complex display architecture of the X680x0
* You can observe the inside of the actual X680x0 machine using the GUI debugger and a large number of subwindows and log windows, providing strong support for software development for the actual machine.
* Hard disks can be connected to SASI interface machines, and hard disks, MO drives, and CD-ROM drives can be connected to SCSI interface machines. MO drives and CD-ROM drives can also be used with SASI machines via SxSI
* MIDI board, Ma-Kyuri-Yunitto, Nereid, extended RS-232C board, SCSI board for SASI devices, internal expansion such as upper memory, and external expansion board can be installed
* The MPU clock can be changed to various clocks in the range of 10MHz to 100MHz as well as 10MHz/16.7MHz/25MHz at the time of manufacture.
* Supports modifications that were made on the actual machine, such as increasing the internal SRAM capacity, changing the clock supplied to the SCC, adding diodes to the keyboard, clearing ADPCM, etc.
* The joystick port can use almost any controller used on the X680x0, from standard 2-buttons to BM68 dedicated controllers
* Supports file exchange with host OS (WindrvXM and WINDRV)

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