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What's New:

- Reorganize frame timing options into their own category and add Frame Clock -> Timer option for use on true VRR displays
- Add support for opening a folder via an intent
- Add support for future Android OS versions with 16Kb memory pages on ARM64
- Prevent fingerprint sensors with device names "uinput-*" from being detected as gamepads
- Only show System -> Performance Mode option if device supports it

- Add support for the PVC mapper chip, fixing mslug5, svc, and kof2003
- Fix missing tile graphics for ROM sets: bangbead, ganryu, kof2001, nitd, pnyaa, preisle2, s1945p, sengoku3, zupapa
- Improve 68K/Z80 sync, fixes missing intro audio in Blazing Star in console mode
- Fix CMC50 M1 decryption issue causing missing audio in games like kof2000 and samsho5

- Add/Update built-in palettes

- Fix loading SuperGrafx content not in internal DB such as homebrew ROMs

- Fix reading m3u files with Windows line endings