What's New:

- Fixed: Restarting the app after upgrading LaunchBox themes using the themes manager was not always working properly (introduced in 13.4)

- New Premium Feature: The LaunchBox game details pane can now be popped out into its own window (custom themes do require updating)
- Improvement: LaunchBox image views have been optimized and will now load and scroll faster
- Improvement: Images will now appear more gracefully when scrolling with the mouse wheel inside of LaunchBox
- Improvement: Badges in LaunchBox will now dynamically update themselves without requiring a reload of the view
- Improvement: The game details view will now reload after exiting a game to accurately reflect new play time, play count, and achievements updates
- Improvement: The LaunchBox import wizards no longer act as if they're locked up while parsing the games to be imported
- Improvement: The MAME arcade full set import wizard is now much faster
- Improvement: MAME prerequisite files have been updated to allow for a better import experience with newer versions of MAME
- Improvement: MAME import filters have been adjusted and will now include less non-games by default
- Improvement: The LaunchBox sidebar filter button will now better adapt its values when used in conjunction with the search bar
- Improvement: Many new custom theming functionalities have been added to LaunchBox (for theme developers)
- Fixed: Rare memory leak that could occur in some situations due to the VLC video playback engine
- Fixed: Rare theme bug when launching Big Box from within LaunchBox
- Fixed: Rare crash in LaunchBox when selecting a platform with a large amount of playtime