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What's New:

New changes
- INPUT/AUTOCONFIG: Check for ‘enable_hotkey’ also from autoconf binds
- LIBRETRO-COMMON/VFS/FILESTREAM: Fixes filestream_vscanf regression
- MENU/XMB: Horizontal icon animation fix
- OSD/STATISTICS: Notification font + statistics adjustments
- OSD/STATISTICS: Finetuned statistics layout to be more compact and aligned
- OSD/STATISTICS: Group Run-Ahead and Frame Delay as “Latency”
- OSD/STATISTICS: Try to scale font as small as possible/readable if stats won’t fit
- OSD/STATISTICS/FONT: Allow reseting notification font with RetroPad Y to “null”, which uses the fallback pixel font
- OSD/STATISTICS/FONT: Show “Default” instead of empty with default font
- OSD/STATISTICS/FONT: Start browsing font from assets instead of root
- WIN32: Ignore window limiting with fixed position. The other resizing part already took this into account, but WM_GETMINMAXINFO did not..