WinUAE (32bit)  WinUAE (64bit)

What's New:

Bugs fixed
- Chipset emulation updates and bug fixes.
- Interlace filter mode saved invalid config in certain situations, causing crash when loaded. Also added validation to config loader that detects similar config errors.
- GDI mode RTG hardware cursor leaved garbage when it was in top/left corner of screen and it was not fully disabled when Amiga was reset.
- Serial port Ring Indicator signal fixed. If both printer and serial port was enabled, printer status was invalid.

Older bugs fixed
- Input device’s Input panel custom configuration was lost if config was loaded and saved when custom configured input device was not connected.
- Game Ports panel custom input configuration was not automatically remapped to original input device if order or number of input devices changed.
- Game Ports panel “Default” game controller type didn’t fully switch to CD32 pad mode when CD32 hardware was configured.
- FM801 PCI sound card didn’t work in Voodoo 3 + Mediator configuration.
- PCI bridgeboard crash when accessing non-existing board’s IO/RAM space.
- Exclusive fullscreen Direct 3D 11 mode + Fullscreen GUI Misc panel option ticked and entering GUI: GUI window was not positioned correctly.
- Video recording after loading statefile recorded one empty and one corrupted frame when recording was started.

New features/updates
- Added continuous screenshot mode to GUI. When ticked, screenshot is taken automatically every frame.
- Disabled move left/right joystick autoswitching mode. It was too easy to do it accidentally. Only buttons are supported.
- Clear Harddrives panel list when loading hardware-only config.
- Taking screenshot when DF0: is enabled but empty and CD drive is enabled but not empty: select CD image name. (Previously CD was ignored)