What's New:

- Added a disassembler setting to pad mnemonics (thanks to Kak)
- Added a proper error if a debugfile ends unexpectedly (thanks to leina)
- Added selection of tile base address to Tilemap Viewer (thanks to leina)
- Added Step Back Return action to the debugger
- Added Run Backwards To Line action to the debugger
- Allow changing sound buffer size without realod (thanks to Zumi)
- Fixed that sometimes execution broke twice on a line breakpoint
- Fixed that for more complex expressions the tooltip text did not display correct values (thanks to ISSOtm)
- Fixed a regression where sometimes a line breakpoint could not be set on a line in a high bank (thanks to arnaud33200)
- Fixed that on some Linux systems sound randomly silenced (thanks to Zumi)
- Fixed that sometimes exception breakpoints would point to the line after the exception happened (thanks to CeL)