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24 December 2023
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The program DosPanel is a graphical user interface for DOSBox. The user can make all required settings needed to start DOS applications in DOSBox without concern the somewhat crude syntax of the configuration file. Each DOS application can have its individual settings stored by the program.


* Mounting drives for a DOS application:
  - Any directory on the host system as hard drive
  - Any host DVD/CD drive or ISO image as CD drive
* Selection of an application or DOS batch file with optional parameters to be started automatically when opening DOSBox
* A list of any DOS commands to be executed before starting the above application (e.g. changing the directory)
* Selection of an icon to be displayed in DosPanel
* Optional selection of a keymapper
* Selection of a manual (e.g. text or PDF) for the DOS application
* Additional comments
* Additional options: full screen and automatic closing of DOSBox
* Adjustment of the DOS user memory
* Adjustment of the emulation speed


On Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 the rights of an administrator are required. Before starting DosPanel for the first time it is necessary to install the current version of DOSBox and run it once.

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