WolfMAME - Windows (32bit)

WolfMAME - Windows (32bit)
WolfMAME - Windows (32bit)
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28 March 2024
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WolfMAME was optimized for use on MARP (MAME Action Replay Page).

MARP contains a collection of 'action replays' of MAME games which you can play back using MAME, for the purposes of education and exhibitionism. Education, in that rather than using words to give hints for games, replay files can be used to show moving pictures. Exhibitionism, in that I'm asking you to show off your high scores on the games, since it actually shows how the score was reached, instead of just being a big number. I for one would love to know how anyone can get 16 million points on bombjack.

Basically this variant of MAME reduces the possibility of persons cheating on there recorded games. The idea is to create a real arcade game experience by eliminates the ability to use cheat codes or pause the game. This is a command line version of MAME and most will probably want to use a Frontend. I found M+GUI works very well.

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