Sharp 80 - Windows

Sharp 80 - Windows
Sharp 80 - Windows
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21 April 2017
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This is a full-featured emulator of a TRS-80 Model III microcomputer.


* Complete and self contained with ROM and DOS built in
* Faithful Z-80 CPU emulation (including undocumented opcodes -- passes all ZEXALL opcode tests)
* Runs at standard 2.03MHz (or run up to 100MHz on a modern PC)
* Bundled disk and tape library includes applications, utilities, operating systems, and games
* Supports up to four virtual floppy drives, and all major virtual floppy formats (DMK, JV3, JV1)
* Tape drive emulation supports high and low speed reading and writing (CAS format)
* Windowed and full-screen modes with zoom
* Authentic sound support
* Built-in Z-80 assembler and disassembler
* Real-time monitor of Z-80 CPU internals and IO device status
* Printer to file support
* Save the entire state of the computer with snapshots
* Support for all video modes, including wide characters and Kanji mode


After you install, it's easy to do interesting things. See details at Getting Started.


See a full list of features and commands on the instructions page.

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