Gopher2600 (Source)

Gopher2600 (Source)
Gopher2600 (Source)
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29 January 2024
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Gopher2600 is an emulator for the Atari 2600 written in the Go language.

The accuracy of the emulation is very high and there are no known outstanding problems with the 6507, TIA and RIOT chip emulation.


Atari 2600 Front Panel

The VCS panel is controlled through the function keys of the keyboard.

  • F1 Select
  • F2 Reset
  • F3 Colour Toggle
  • F4 Player 0 Pro Toggle
  • F5 Player 1 Pro Toggle

If using a hardware game controller with a start button (such as an XBox360 controller) then that button will act as a Reset switch.


The joystick is the most common control method for Atari 2600 games. The left-side player is controlled with the following keys.

Left-Side Player
Cursor Keys Stick Direction
Space Fire Button

The right-side player is controlled with the following keys.

Right-Side Player
G Left
J Right
Y Up
H Down
F Fire Button

The stick for the left-side player can also be controlled with a hardware game controller. No hardware controller support yet for the right-side player.

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