Magic Dosbox Lite

Magic Dosbox Lite
Magic Dosbox Lite
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12 June 2023
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Magic Dosbox is dosbox port for android. It is result of hard work. Please be patient, its first release and may have bugs...You can look at our website for more information. It is still under development, but can help you to orientate in magic(dos)box. If you find this application useful take a look at our donated version, which has some additional functions.
Dosbox was originally developed by DOSBOX team and allows you to run games and applications for DOS platform. This port is highly optimized for touch devices. The main focus is to use dosbox anywhere where you don't have external hardware with you.

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* game collection, every game profile can be highly customizable
* possibility to create game shortcut on desktop
* export/import/duplicate profile with whole designed layout. Serves for sharing layouts between friends
* multi-language support (slovak, english, german, russian, french)
* 10 types of various on-screen widgets/buttons with dozens settings (3 widgets in free version)
* On-screen widgets : Key, Mouse, Absolute and relative switch, Dpad, Widgets grouping widget, Notes, Walkthrough, Combo, and more …
* various modes, main are design mode and play mode
* unlimited number of on-screen widgets/buttons with custom image, text, background image and custom position on screen. Text and Image inside widget can be resized and positioned by your needs
* dozens painted images and background images for widgets styling. Possibility to add your own
* absolute and relative mouse
* support for samsung stylus include its button
* support for x360 joystick, nvidia shield controller and other external gamepads
* support for physical mouse
* support for sound blaster and pc speaker
* mappable swipes gestures
* support for *.iso, *.gog, *.inst and *cue (both in next version) ogg support (next version)
* in-game screenshots with gallery. Useful if you need something remember in adventure or rpg
* fast emulation with plenty optimizations
* orientation lock to landscape or portrait (next version)
* resizable screen with custom position
* forum and website
* support for android 2.3+

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