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What's New:

- Add the ability to sort ROMs in alphabetical subfolders
- Add a catch-all region ZZ in REGIONS_ALL for the sort-roms hybrid mode
- Add a GROUP_SUBSYSTEMS toggle, if true merge variants of the same system in a single directory
- Support MAME DAT files that use non-standard machine instead of game tags
- Add various compression settings for 7Z, ZIP and RVZ
- Add a new generate-playlists subcommand
- Fix pure 1G1R sorting with parent-clone groups that have no ROMs
- Add a REGIONS_ONE_STRICT option to switch between strict and lenient 1G1R election
- Fix 1G1R sorting when revisions are clones
- Display an appropriate message when a ROM has already been imported
- Add a PREFER_FLAGS to give a boost to specific flags in the 1G1R election process
- Add PREFER_PARENTSPREFER_REGIONS and PREFER_VERSIONS settings to influence the 1G1R election process