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What's New:

- Fix GLideN64 not being able to load texture packs from relative paths (see gonetz/GLideN64#2742)
- Fix "Save State Slot" keybindings not working in fullscreen
- Fix deadzone percentage being incorrect when set to 0% in RMG-Input
- Fix low deadzone value not working in RMG-Input (thank you @porcino)
- Fix toolbar being hidden when ending emulation while in fullscreen
- Fix zip files with japanese characters in the file name not being able to be opened on windows
- Fix ROM Browser not returning to a maximized state when ending emulation
- Fix ROM Browser not opening maximized when closing RMG with it maximized
- Fix window not being able to be maximized during emulation when scaling is enabled
- Fix read-only ROM files not being able to be opened on linux
- Remove "Allow Manual Window Resizing" setting due to it being always enabled
- Remove Styles tab from settings dialog on windows
- Add "Play Game with Cartridge" to context menu when a 64DD disk is selected in the ROM Browser
- Add "Open ROM Directory" to context menu in the ROM Browser
- Add an On-Screen Display (see the OSD tab in the settings dialog for settings)
- Add Theme setting to settings dialog (see Interface -> Miscellaneous, this is a replacement for the previous Styles settings)
- Improve error message when opening a zip file fails
- Improve tab order and naming in settings dialog