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CtrlUI (Controller User Interface) is a Windows application, game and emulator launcher for your game controller, this application allow you to run all your favorite applications from one location with lots of useful features.

DirectXInput converts your game controller like a DualShock 1, 2, 3, 4 and DualSense 5 to a Xbox (XInput) controller, so that it can be used with almost every game and application released that has support for Xbox controllers.

Fps Overlayer is a tool that shows the frames per second and the cpu, gpu and memory information.


CtrlUI Application Features
* Add Windows UWP applications so you can easily launch them.
* Launch emulators with a rom selected from a rom directory.
* Switch to other running processes with your controller.

DirectXInput Application Features
* Easily customize the controller button layout.
* Make and save a screenshot directly from your controller.
* Control your system volume and media with your controller.
* Built-in on screen keyboard which can be used by your controller.
* Supported controllers: PlayStation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and more.
* Unsupported controllers: Xbox and XInput controllers.

Fps Overlayer Application Features
* Show the current frame rate of a running application.
* Show the current time on your screen while gaming.


Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the CtrlUI folder to any directory you want on your device.
  2. Make sure that you have installed all the requirements listed below.
  3. Launch CtrlUI executable and setup a few basic apps in the welcome screen.
  4. Enjoy using your new controller friendly based user interface.

Uninstallation Instructions

  1. Run the Driver Installer and click on "Uninstall drivers" and "Cleanup"
  2. Remove the extracted CtrlUI directory.

Tips and tricks

  • Let CtrlUI automatically launch on Windows startup for easier alltime usage.
  • Some users may need to run the application as administrator to let it work properly.*
  • For more information and help open the "Help" window or tab in the application.
  • You can run it as administrator by using the "CtrlUI-Admin" executable.

Known issues

  • Overlays may not always show up when you are in a fullscreen application.
  • Alt+Enter controller shortcut may not work for all Windows Store applications.
  • Keyboard cannot be used in the web browser overlay due to window issues.


  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed.
  • Windows operating system 10 64-bit or higher is required.
  • Supported game controller connected through DirectXInput.
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