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21 May 2022
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mGalaxy is the best launcher (also called ‘frontend’) for arcade, console and computer games.

Relive the fun of playing all those retro games from your childhood (but also current games) with a stylish interface!

More than 60 game platforms are recognized!

mGalaxy is not only the most stylish frontend, it’s also the most accessible and the easiest to implement!


* Working with a lot of emulators, covering all arcade and console systems.
* Designed for arcade cabinets/control panels (but not only, Keyboards are welcome too).
* Entirely configurable with the joystick and pushbuttons.
* Game image/movie preview.
* Preferred game list and game type (even if the rom name changes).
* Displays roms based on your favorite list and/or specific game genre (platform, drive, maze...).
* Exclude roms based on their genre (adult, quizz,...).
* Displays how many players the game supports and if it's simultaneous play or not...and filter games on those criterias!
* Normal browse, quick browse, alphabetical browse.
* Quick search rom with an onscreen keyboard.
* Easy to use and to configure.
* Neat and nice interface.

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