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Rominator for Nintendo DS

Rominator for Nintendo DS
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07 December 2008
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Rominator is a Nintendo DS rom manager with many features and extras.

This version has been completely rewritten from the ground up to bring the best possible Rominator experience to everyone... Rominator is now considered 'Donationware', although it is free to use, to unlock bonus features I ask you to make a donation of $2 or more. I will give you a serial number that'll unlock all current features, and bonus features to come!


* Organize all of your game dumps in the area of your choice
* Drag & Drop right into the window
* Optional auto-renaming of your games (Including rom number, country, and release group)
* Optional Rom Trimming upon flashing (Safe Trim Included)
* Database updatable online through the program anytime
* Organize your games into as many lists as you want -- Just make a list, and from your Games list drag and drop as many games as you want onto your user-made list.
* Smart-List system - Create a list with specific criteria that will update when your rom library updates
* Detailed view of the game -- including internal name, cartridge code, icon, and box art
* Copy your games straight to your flash card
* Flash card organization - manage and delete roms
* Sub-Directory scanning -- keep your roms in their original folder
* Multiple colourful themes
* Save Game Association
* Fast-Find to quickly find the game you're looking for
* RomeR Functions: Modify Rom Information
* Create a queue list of roms and flash the list straight to your card
* Patch Trainers into roms on the fly
* Icon Collection Database -- Store all of your favourite icons
* And more!

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