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openMSX (Source)

openMSX (Source)
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13 June 2022
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openMSX emulates virtually all variations of MSX computers. Very complete and feature rich.


* Command interface via pipes or a (UNIX domain) socket: control openMSX with any external application
* TCL scripting: enhance openMSX with powerful scripts
* System ROMs are specified and found with their SHA1 sums or file names as a fall back
* `Real time timing', using the specially developed EmuTime model
* Pixel accurate rendering: horizontal screensplits are rendered almost correctly (Unknown Reality, Verti-demo)
* Debian and Gentoo packaging, shortly after the release
* openMSX Catapult: the optional GUI for openMSX
* On Screen Display, with LEDs for e.g. power, FDD, capsLock and Rensha Turbo
* For Linux, Windows, MacOS X (also support for Tiger with GCC 4), FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD systems
* Installer for Windows
* Advanced build system
* Manuals online and in distribution
* More than 70 MSX machine hardware configurations included
* More than 35 MSX extension hardware configurations included
* MMX and extended-MMX optimisations for rendering
* DirectSound sound driver for MS Windows

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