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Clock Signal - Mac

Clock Signal - Mac
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24 July 2022
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Clock Signal ('CLK') is an emulator for tourists that seeks to be invisible. Users directly launch classic software, avoiding the learning curves associated with emulators and with classic machines.

This emulator seeks to offer:

  • single-click load of any piece of source media for any supported platform;
  • with a heavy signal processing tilt for accurate reproduction of original outputs;
  • while minimising latency.

It currently contains emulations of the:

* Acorn Electron;
* Amstrad CPC;
* Apple II/II+ and IIe;
* Atari 2600;
* Atari ST;
* ColecoVision;
* Commodore Vic-20 (and Commodore 1540/1);
* Enterprise 64/128;
* Macintosh 512ke and Plus;
* MSX 1;
* Oric 1/Atmos;
* Sega Master System;
* Sinclair ZX80/81; and
* Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Commodore Amiga emulation is also present, but for now remains wilfully inaccurate.

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