Avocado - Windows (32bit)

Avocado - Windows (32bit)
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31 March 2022
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Despite this emulator being in early development, some 3D games can run. Game compatibility list

Currently audio is hard synced to NTSC (60Hz) (running PAL games will make audio stutter). The timer implementation does not function properly (games fail to boot or run at wrong speed). Many games won't boot or crash shortly after booting.



Avocado requires the BIOS from real console in the data/bios directory. (use File->Open Avocado directory to locate the directory on your system) Selection of a BIOS rom will be required on the first run. The rom can be changed under Options->BIOS or by modifying the config.json file.

To load a .cue/.bin/.img/.chd/.ecm or .exe/.psexe/.psf/.minipsf file just drag and drop it.

PAL games with LibCrypt protection need additional subchannel info - download proper file .SBI or .LSD file from Redump, place it in the same folder as game image and make sure has identical name as .cue/.bin/... file.


  • Space - pause/resume emulation
  • F1 - hide GUI
  • F2 - soft reset
  • Shift-F2 - hard reset
  • F5 - quick save
  • F7 - quick load
  • Tab - disable framelimiting
  • Backspace - rewind one second

Configure controls under Options->Controller menu.

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