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23 November 2010
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GameBase can support virtually any game for any emulator. It features an advanced database searching/filtering system to help you sort and find the games you want quickly and easily. Setting up GameBase to run your emulators is not a simple task. You pretty much need to learn a scripting language. There is however detailed information on how to do this. You will also need to create a database. This can be simplified by using RomCenter or ClrMame Pro Datafiles. There is also the ability to add a picture and detailed information to each game. If your willing to take the time this is an excellent frontend that will allow you to run all your emulators from one program. Visit the GameBase website to find GameBases built by others. Some of these are SNES, NES, VIC20, AMY, GameBase64, Atari Lynx, ZX Project, and a many others.

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