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x8086NetEmu - Linux

x8086NetEmu - Linux
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20 April 2017
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x8086NetEmu is a VB.NET implementation of an almost working 8086 emulator...
Although it still has some bugs, it is a fairly stable and capable 8088/86/186 emulator...
This is a cross-platform version, compiled without sound support. Use with the latest version of mono. Refer to this post for more information.


* Full 8086 architecture emulation: CPU, Memory, Flags, Registers and Stack
* Peripherals: PIC/8259, PIT/8254, DMA/8237 and PPI/8255
* RTC, 8087, Serial/Mouse and VGA are currently being implemented and some are partially working
* Adapters: CGA, Speaker and Keyboard
* Integrated Debugger and Console
* Support for both Floppy and Hard Disk images
* No BIOS hacks required
* WinForms and Console samples included
* Cross-platform support through Mono (the emulator has been tested under Windows, MacOS, Linux and RaspberryPi/Raspbian)
* Hard disk and floppy images inspector (FAT12 and FAT16 support only and quite buggy)


includes two executables:

x8086NetEmuWinForms: This version will run under a WinForm form and will use GDI+ to render the text and graphics.
x8086NetEmuConsole: This version uses the Windows console to render the text. You can improve the rendering by using an appropriate font for the console.

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