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LuaGB (Source)

LuaGB (Source)
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25 January 2019
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A gameboy emulator written in Pure Lua. Approaching feature completeness, but still a work in progress.

This is designed to be fairly cross platform, and currently consists of a platform-independent gameboy module which contains the emulator, and a Love2D interface, presently the only supported platform. While it plays well, the structure of the emulator is in constant flux, so don't rely on the API resembling any sort of stability.


* Pure Lua! Gameboy module should work on any Lua 5.2+ environment with the "bit" library available.
* Original Gameboy (DMG) and Gameboy Color (GBC)
* Decently cycle-approximate graphics
* Working 32KHz audio
* Multiple Palettes for DMG Mode
* SRAM and Save States
* Debug Panels for VRAM, Audio, IO and Disassembly
* Built-in filebrowser, drawn in software for easy porting

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