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Snes9x for 3DS

Snes9x for 3DS
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23 March 2018
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Snes9x for 3DS is a high-compatibility SNES emulator for your Old 3DS / 2DS. It runs many games at full speed (60 fps). It supports games that use CX4 chip (Megaman X2/X3), and the SDD-1 chip (Star Ocean, Super Street Fighter 2 Alpha). It can also play games that use the SuperFX chip (Yoshi's Island, etc), and the SA-1 chip (Super Mario RPG, Kirby's Dreamland, Kirby Super Star) but it runs slowly. It has generally much high compatibility than existing SNES emulators on the old 3DS because it uses Snes9x 1.43 as a base, and is a good alternative if your existing emulators cannot play all the games.


It also runs on your New 3DS, and it runs games faster! Use your New 3DS if you want to play SuperFX and SA-1 games!

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