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Cemu GUI
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2.5 Beta
13 March 2021
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CemuGUI is a Frontend for the Nintendo Wii U emulator Cemu that plays retail Nintendo Wii U Games on your Pc. It Fetures A Dynamic Games library and integrated scraper features It supports Xbox 360 gamepad or keyboard for navigation. Release Notes!. CemuGUI requires the game's Title & the Title ID (6 or 4 digits) to be present in the folder name. Name the game's folder like this: "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild [ALZE01]" or "New Super Mario Bros U [ARPE01]" One Example with the game "Super Mario Maker USA": would be like so... "Games/Super Mario Maker [AMAE01]" If the game does not contain a meta folder or if you want to use a different Splash Screen, simply copy a .jpg image with the name of the game to the Fanart folder. The Game's title is Displayed in CemuGUI. & The TitleID is used to automatically download the corresponding cover from the game cover database at "" and load it from The Covers folder. If the titleID is not present or Your Folder Names are Wrong, CemuGUI will display a Grey Cover insted. If Your Game is dispayed as grey cover simply delete the gray cover in your Covers & Textures Directory and then Make sure your folder names are right then restart. Make sure to use the Proper Game Names for your folders from""So that Your Covers Can Be downloaded!

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