Matsu GBC Lite

Matsu GBC Lite
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15 June 2016
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Matsu GBC Emulator Lite is a Gameboy Color emulator.

This emulator automatically detected my roms folder and was very easy to setup. I tested a few games and all played well with no noticeable glitches.

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* Proprietary high reproducibility emulator
* High quality rendering
* Reverse playback function (rewind) support
* ZIP file support
* Network play
* Game pad support
* Virtual screen keypad
* High quality sound
* LR stereo 2ch corresponding
* Save the state data up to a maximum of 16 slot
* Play screen snapshot (jpeg or png file)
* State Data automatic load at the time of ROM read (optional setting)
* State Data automatic save at the time of application end
* Cheat - Game Shark, PAR, Game Genie
* Game Boy primary color mode (optional setting)
* Fast forward (0.25 to 16 times)
* Debug function
* Individual display setting of Bg / Win / Sprite video layers
* Individual On / Off of sound ch1-4
* CPU instruction log file output of the execution trace
* Implementation of infrared communication
* HuC3 cartridge support
* MBC7 cartridge support


This emulator has been incorporated into a multi-emulator entitled Mastu Player



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