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openMSX - Android

openMSX - Android
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08 December 2018
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openMSX is an open source emulator of the MSX home computer system.
By default, it comes with a minimal firmware rom, known as c-bios, which enables you to run most cartridge based MSX games.
In order to run such a game, you can copy a dump of the cartridge onto the storage memory of your Android device and then insert the so-called ROM into the virtual cartridge slot of the emulator using the on-screen menu that you can open with the standard Android menu key.
You can also install the firmware of your real MSX into openMSX. See for further details. This enables you to play around with MSX Basic and all other features provided by the standard MSX firmware.
Furthermore, if you are a power user, you may want to read the user manual for an overview of the advanced features of openMSX:

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