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AmiKit - Android

AmiKit - Android
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12 July 2015
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AmiKit turns your computer, phone or tablet into legendary Amiga computer. This pre-configured software package includes more than 350 of the finest Amiga programs! You can surf web, read emails and documents, listen to or create your own music, burn CD/DVDs, edit images, play games and much more - all in good old Amiga way!


* Full & exclusive applications included
* Compact visual and functional design
* Three different working environments: Magellan, Scalos, Workbench.
* Automatic Live Updates keeps your AmiKit always fresh
* True type fonts, DualPNG icons and 24bit visual themes
* Various add-ons - games package, expert programs, etc.
* Automated installation of the largest collection of OS3.9 patches


For AmiKit to work, you do need Amiga ROM and Operating System (Workbench). This is because the files are still copyrighted and cannot be part of AmiKit. The easiest way is to purchase Amiga Forever which includes everything to run AmiKit and much more. Another possibility is to grab the ROM from your "real" Amiga and the AmigaOS Workbench from your original CD.

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