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Mupen64Plus-Qt - Linux (64bit)

Mupen64Plus-Qt - Linux (64bit)
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29 August 2016
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Someone requested I convert my CEN64-Qt launcher (here: http to work with Mupen64Plus. I've finally gotten around to it and added several new features as well such as GoodName support and column configuration. GoodName support requires the data directory to be set (to read mupen64plus.ini). On Linux this is usually /usr/share/mupen64plus. On Windows this is most likely the same directly the executable is in.

This is just a basic launcher that utilizes the console UI to do all the work. I've added support for most of the parameters that appear on the man page. I don't plan on adding much more to it but I am willing to entertain feature requests. I believe the main things missing are archive support and some sort of input configuration. The former I'll probably add eventually. The latter is tricky to do correctly, so don't expect it anytime soon.

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