Unofficial CEN64 Launcher

Unofficial CEN64 Launcher
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05 November 2013
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* .NET Framework 3.5. Get it here if you don't have it (no need if you have Windows 7 (and maybe Vista?)): ... x?id=25150
Windows XP SP3(I think? I've not tested if it runs on XP yet), Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 (sorry, no Linux/Mac/etc. support, since this uses Win32 hooks to hijack the CEN64 window).
* Enough brain power to navigate basic Windows dialogs.
* About 1MB of free space (more may be needed if you run *.n64 or *.v64 files, due to CEN64 not natively supporting these rom types yet).
* A fast Intel/AMD CPU, since CEN64 is pretty demanding. As far as the launcher goes, however, if your PC/device can run .NET applications smoothly, then it'll do fine.


* CEN64 can be stopped/killed at any time, as well as paused and resumed.
* CEN64 is displayed in the launcher's main window, giving the feel of a traditional emulator (has a few limitations)
* Allows CEN64 to be resized and go fullscreen (CEN64 doesn't allow for these by default currently, and has a few limitations)
* Supports pulling in the VI/s information, if CEN64 is compiled to flush its stdout output after every printf, which will be displayed in the status bar, or on the title bar (if the status bar is hidden).
* Supports *.v64, *.n64, and *.z64 rom types.
* Supports *.zip files, meaning it extracts the first rom it finds in your zip, byteswaps it to z64 format, then passes it to CEN64. When play concludes, the launcher cleans up after itself.

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