The Emulation Realm


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05 April 2017
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Currently emulated hardware:
- x86 and x64 CPU models emulation (from P5/K5 to Sandy Bridge/Bulldozer microarchitectures):
* Legacy (16/32-bit) and Long Mode (compatibility and 64-bit mode) are implemented;
* instruction set extensions up to SSE 4.2 are implemented currently, AVX is in progress;
* virtualization extensions emulation (VMX and SVM) are in progress (partially implemented);
* Note: not all features of real models are implemented yet, just most necessary for software to work.
- VGA/SVGA with 8/16/32-bit colors support (currently only VGABios-compatible PCI SVGA card available in the release version);
- up to 512Mb RAM and 16Mb VRAM emulation (and more in 64-bit version);
- HDD (ATA/IDE) and CD/DVD (ATAPI) emulation;
- SoundBlaster 2.01 (8-bit/44Khz mono) with OPL2;
- PS/2 mouse and keyboard interface emulation;
- various other supporting stuff (PCI, RTC/CMOS, PIT, PIC, DMAC, etc.);
- MS-DOS/FreeDOS, Win3.x/9x/NT/2k/XP guests support (and some other);
- multiplatform emulation core, including dynarec (and GUI) (currently supported hosts: x86, x64, ARM32; with ARM64 in progress);
- save states support.

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