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07 November 2013
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This bundle from contains the following emulators:

2600.emu (Atari 2600), C64.emu (Commodore 64) , GBA.emu (Game Boy Advance), GBC.emu (Game Boy Color), MD.emu (Sega Genesis), MSX.emu (MSX Computer), NEO.emu (NeoGeo), NES.emu (Nintendo Entertainment System), NGP.emu (NeoGeo Pocket), PCE.emu (PC-Engine / Turbografx 16), Saturn.emu (Sega Saturn), and Snes9x EX+ (Super Nintendo).


The Linux versions are developed on Gentoo and use the following dynamic libraries that should be present on your system:
  X Server with XInput 2 extension (libX11, libXi)
  Graphics rendering via GLX with OpenGL 1.2 (libGL), or EGL with OpenGL ES 1.0 (libEGL, libGLESv1_CM)
  libpng (libpng16)
  ALSA (libasound)
  Minizip, from zlib (libminizip)
  BlueZ (libbluetooth)
  Freetype (libfreetype)
  Fontconfig (libfontconfig)
  DBUS (libdbus-1)
  GLIBC 2.8+
some apps use the C++ runtime from GCC 4.8+ (libstdc++)

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