CEN64 (Source)

CEN64 (Source)
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25 April 2017
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CEN64 is a cycle accurate Nintendo 64 emulator.
Keep in mind this is a WIP (Work in Progress).
At present it has low compatibility. It also requires at least a dual core 64bit processor that has SSE3 support.

CEN64 requires a PIF image (pifdata.bin) - can be found in MESS N64 rom/bios file.
Supports keyboard only.
N64 Roms must be in native big-endian (z64) format.

Usage example:

cen64 pifdata.bin 'Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time.z64'

Other Options: Instructions on creating a batch file or Shell Script can be found here. Several frontends can be found here - Windows and here - Linux.

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