Omega 500

Omega 500
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26 April 2013
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Omega 500 is a Commodore Amiga 500 emulator for Android, with a goal of providing great user experience:


- focus on simplicity, not configurability - intuitive and straightforward user interface with (almost) no configuration options
- great touchscreen joystick controls, inspired by some of the best games on iOS and Android
- good compatibility with C= Amiga 500 w/ 1MB RAM and single floppy drive


Omega 500 requires 1.3 kickstart rom (512kb) saved into the internal memory as /sdcard/kick.rom


It's a pre-alpha release! Known limitations:


- keyboard not fully functional (incl. Esc key not working)
- no support for physical buttons and external controllers
- lo-res rendering only, graphical glitches in HAM and EHB modes


Please refer to the project website for additional information (documentation, license, TODOs, upcoming features, etc.).



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