DosBox Turbo

DosBox Turbo
26 October 2015
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A highly optimized and feature enhanced port of the latest SVN Version of the DOSBox DOS emulator for Android where new optimizations and features are introduced at a rapid pace. Run your old DOS games quickly, with full mouse, keyboard, sound and analog joystick emulation.


If you have no experience with DOS emulators, please read our FAQ first ( )


NOTE: As with any DOS emulator, this application needs access to the SDCARD and plenty of free memory to run. Your phone should have at least 50+MB to run DosBox properly. Copy your old DOS games onto your SD card and start playing!

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* FASTEST DOS Emulator for Android
* NEW! 3dfx Glide Support
* NEW! Pentium MMX Instructions!
* Full analog controller support (mouse and joystick emulation) [Android 3.1+]
* NEW! Support for playing many Windows games!
* NEW! Mixed Mode Audio support (ie. bin/cue + OGG/MP3 audio)
* NEW! MIDI Sound Emulation
* NEW! IPX Networking Support
* NEW! Sliding "QuickMenu"
* NEW! Transparent Hide-able ActionBar
* Mappable Virtual On-Screen Buttons
* Based upon latest DOSBOX SVN
* Universal Button/Controller Support (Wii, Xbox360, Game Gripper, PS3, Xperia Play controllers and more!).
* Game Profiles Manager
* Absolute Finger & Pointer tracking, use DOS applications intuitively on a touch screen! (experimental)
* Gestures Support
* Customize Dos Game Covers/Icons in Profile Manager
* Highly optimized port of the lastest DosBox version. ARMv7 & NEON processor optimization for enhanced speed
* Use DPAD and Optical Trackpad as mouse/joystick.
* Virtual Mouse emulation mode, with left & right click!
* Can remap volume keys to mouse or joystick buttons.
* Virtual Multi-Touch *Analog* Joystick emulation!
* Full Sound Support!
* Full Android Input Method support (use any keyboard from the market - HackersKeyboard recommended!)
* FAST!! ( )
* Special Key Combination emulation.
* Switch to portrait or landscape mode without restart!
* Stretch scaling to full landscape.
* Default Fast & HQ Scaling modes.
* Supports external USB/Bluetooth mice & joysticks [Android 3.1+]
* Supports Right Click on Trackpads & mice. [Android 4.0+]
* Full ASUS Transformer keyboard & trackpad support.
* Can be used with any 3rd Party Keyboard replacement to emulate DPAD or Cursor Keys (our GamePad, or HackersKeyboard is recommended).
* Full Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) and Jelly Bean (JB) support (Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3).



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