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12 June 2020
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Romulus is a Rom management program used to rename and organize your rom collections using datafile.


* Romulus is able to import all kind of know DAT files like Clrmame pro OLD and XML format, Romcenter, Offlinelist, MESS softlists or import using a MAME based EXE.
* DAT files can be imported as Zip, Rar, 7z or uncompressed.
* Offlinelist DAT information loaded to able to automatic download images or update complete DAT if update is available, can be change the filename description params like Offlinelist original application.
* Multiple loaded profiles at same time displayied in tabs.
* Can Scan and Rebuild files from a selected directories and fix them, this process can be in Zip, Rar, 7z or uncompressed.
* If DAT information is available in scan or rebuild process can be in Split/Merged, Split/Non merged or Not Split filemode.
* Scan and Rebuild can be done in a batch automatic mode.
* Configure and run emulators added the correct params for the selected file.
* Reports of profiles or files information with a different options and formats to export ( HTML, DOC, TXT ).
* Statistics can be displayied to know the status of your files.
* Log information for important processes and save log option.
* Updater option to know changes and download
* Different languages to select ( Work in progress ),
* Many others.

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