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GroovyArcade live-CD (64bit)

GroovyArcade live-CD (64bit)
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1.22 GB
08 April 2020
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GroovyArcade live-CD is an up to date GNU/Linux system, in 64 or 32 bit liveCD/liveUSB versions. It can be installed from the LiveCD onto the hard drive, or booted from a USB flash drive. It has the current bleeding edge Linux DRM with Kernel Mode Switching and includes patches to allow 15Khz operation for Arcade Monitors and NTSC/PAL TV output. It uses the newest versions of Xorg so that the Vsync works with OpenGL without tearing and running with the vertical refresh rate of the monitor......................

It also contains GroovyMame and Mess with cabmame patches, should be able to do the best possible display of arcade resolutions of any Linux distribution using groovymame/switchres Mess, advance menu or wahcade frontends and mupen64plus/gens/zsnes/nestopia/stella emulators.

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