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MAME (Source)

MAME (Source)
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27 April 2017
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This is the MAME Source code for those interested in compiling or tweaking.

Download and install the development tools form MAMEDev. Open buildtools folder (by default it is C:\buildtools). Extract MAME source to C:\buildtools\src then return to C:\buildtools and launch cmder.exe.
The following are a few examples of how to build different version of MAME:

To build a 32bit version of MAME:
make PTR64=0

To build a 64bit version of MAME:
make PTR64=1

To build MAME with only arcade drivers:
make SUBTARGET=arcade

To build MAME with only MESS drivers:
make SUBTARGET=mess

The following command would build a 64 bit arcade version of MAME and MAME tools using 4 cpu cores/threads
make SUBTARGET=arcade PTR64=1 TOOLS=1 -j4


MESS (Multi Emulator Super System) was fully integrated with MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) as of v0.162.

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