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YAPE - Winodws (64bit)

YAPE - Winodws (64bit)
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19 November 2021
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YAPE (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) is a Commodore 264 family emulator.
All the known 264 family members are emulated:
- Commodore 16/116 (optionally with 64 KB memory extension)
- Commodore 232 (prototype unit with 32 KB RAM, never sold)
- Commodore plus/4
- Commodore V364 (prototype unit, 64KB + Speech hardware)


* cycle exact CPU (MOS 7501/8501) and TED (MOS 7360/8360) emulation
* cycle exact 1541 drive emulation (6502 CPU, VIA 6522 i/o chip and FDC emulation)
* cycle exact 1551 drive emulation (6510T CPU, TIA 6523 i/o chip and FDC emulation)
* 100% of regular and illegal CPU opcodes are implemented
* 16K, 32K, 64 and 256 KB RAM configurations are all supported
* all TED character and graphic modes
* rasterline exact hardware cursor
* timer and raster interrupts
* PAL and NTSC video modes with most known artifacts
* full ROM banking and external cartridge support (in raw format only)
* PRG/P00/D64/G64/T64 image format support, also ZIP-ped
* TAP image support, both MTAP and digital samples (aka WAVs)
* keyboard+joystick emulation via the PC keys and/or joystick
* full TED sound (sampled noise, generated 2 channel square wave), decent SID-card emulation (both 6581 and 8580 selectable) with custom chip address
* simple high- and low-pass sound filter
* functional T6721A Toshiba speech chip and custom MOS 8706R0 glue chip emulation
* user port (RS-232) lightpen
* partial PAL emulation (dynamic YUV palette: brightness, contrast, gamma correction, saturation; the emulator expects 'valid' vblank signals otherwise the emulator screen may start flickering like the real TV)
* emulator and multimedia snapshot (video, audio), screenshot support

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