trs80gp - Windows

trs80gp - Windows
trs80gp - Windows
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09 December 2023
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trs80gp primarily emulates the "gray" line of TRS-80 computers made by Tandy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are known as the Model I, Model II, Model III, Model 4, Model 4P, Model 4D, Model 12, Model 16 and Model 6000. It is generally easier to use ordinary digits for the Model 1, Model 2 and Model 3. The Model 1, 3 and 4 are a line of compatible computers as is the Model 2, 12, 16 and 6000.

Also emulated are the TRS-80 Micro Color Computer Model MC-10, TRS-80 Color Computer, TRS-80 DT-1 Data Terminal, TRS-80 Videotex and Electric Crayon external colour display.

The emulator runs on Windows from XP all the way up to Windows 11. Included in the download are versions for MacOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi. They may not be at full feature parity with the Windows version but the emulator runs just fine under Wine. It should run well on any machine produced in the past decade.

trs80gp provides accurate and near complete emulation with excellent programmer support.


* Emulates floppy disk, hard drive, cassette, hires graphics, Orchestra 80/85/90 and printer.
* Window scalable to any size with realistic phosphor-dot rendering.
* Near perfect video emulation including beam drop-outs, wait states and various other subtle effects.
* Can visually indicate Z-80 video memory conflicts.
* Cycle perfect sub-instruction Z-80 and video timing.
* Built-in Z-80 debugger with source level debugging using zmac .bds output.
* 6809 debugger for Videotex and Color Computer
* 6800 debugger for Electric Crayon
* 6803 debugger for MC-10
* 68000 debugger for Model 16 and 6000
* Switchable turbo mode for high speed yet still accurate operation.
* Auto-turbo modes to go fast during slow operations (e.g., disk, cassette) and back to normal when typing.
* AVI and FLV (Flash) video capture.
* GIF and animated GIF screenshot capture.
* Audio capture to WAV file.
* Load programs directly from command line for fast development and testing.
* Can both "paste" and send files as input to keyboard (aka "fast type").
* "Copy" to copy the screen in ASCII, Unicode or graphics format.
* Keyboard selectable between normal and game mode.
* Software keyboard to get around limits of PC keyboards.
* Brightness, contrast and display colour controls.
* Batch mode and command line input to automate tasks.
* Can open files and disk images within .zip archives.
* Optional emulator extensions provide memory protection and timing to the Z-80. And emulator exit.
* Bus tracing, disassembling, profiling, memory dumping and other features for reverse engineering and debugging.

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