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SmartGear Free
SmartGear Free
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24 February 2014
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SmartGear is a multi-system classic game emulator...


It includes code to directly communicate with many wireless bluetooth game controllers. The advantage of having built-in code is that it reduces lag/latency of responses and allows two-player simultaneous play.


SmartGear currently supports games designed for the GameBoy, GameGear, Sega Master System, NES (Famicom), Genesis (MegaDrive), Turbografx-16, and various coin-operated games...


* Previously played games gallery for quick access to your favorites
* Supports GameShark and GameGenie cheats
* Direct support of WiiMote, MOGA, Zeemote, SteelSeries Free, BGP-, and iControlPad. Low latency, Supports -player simultaneous play.
* Pre-defined keys for Xperia Play, iCade, iMpulse, Gamestop controller
* Customize key codes for any input device
* Turbo mode allows -x advance through boringintros (paid version only)
* Load/Save and auto-load of games (paid version only)
* Includes smart stretching algorithm to make low-res games look good on hi-res displays
* Allows head--head play of GameBoy and GameGear games on a single device (simulates link cable)
* Rewind gameplay seconds in case of a "fatal" error (paid version only)
* Save a screenshot as a PNG file
* Pauses the game properly when the focus is lost or a menu is opened
* Renders in OpenGL at fps (as long as your machine can handle it)
* Optionally drive the GUI from the wireless controller (e.g. open, start, quit, etc)



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