Childhood Memory

Childhood Memory
Childhood Memory
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21 May 2013
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Childhood Memory is an emulator of the old games mostly published in the 1980s and the 1990s. Currently Childhood Memory has supported "NES", "SNES", "MD"(or "Sega Genesis" type), "MAME" and "GBA" games and therefore it's not necessary to install several different "emulators" or "simulators" anymore. So you can play lots of interesting games with it directly on your phone or tablet, especially those classic games in our childhood.


It is specially optimized to run RPG games such as "Final Fantasy","Chrono Trigger","Dragon Ball" etc, and Arcade game such as "Super Mario","Super Contra","The King of Fighter" etc. Wish you have a good time.


* One for 5 different game types, don't need to install different simulators any more.
* High quality rendering, the key part rewritten with Assemble language.
* Virtual On-screen keypad, with keyboard to switch different type models.
* Save States with preview picture.
* Keys with size and transparency Customization capability.
* Custom screen size.
* Support Joystick, 4 way or 8 way D-Pad,Turbo buttons switch.
* Trackball Support.
* Xperia Play special buttons supported.
* Zipped ROM support.



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