oxyROMon - Windows

oxyROMon - Windows
oxyROMon - Windows
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26 January 2023
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oxyROMon is a cross-platform opinionated CLI (command-line interface) ROM organizer written in Rust. Like most ROM managers, it checks ROM files against known good databases. It is designed with archiving in mind, as such it only supports original and lossless ROM formats. Sorting can be done in regions mode, in so-called 1G1R mode, or both. Both console and arcade (WIP) systems are supported using Logiqx DAT files. The former requires No-Intro or Redump DAT files, the latter can use MAME or FBNeo DAT files.


use-native-tls      use the system OpenSSL library
use-rustls            use rustls where possible, and fallback to a vendored OpenSSL
enable-asm         enable ASM variants of the MD5 and SHA1 hashes
chd                       CHD support
cso                       CSO support
ird                          IRD support
rvz                         RVZ support
benchmark          build the benchmark subcommand
server                   build the server subcommand

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